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PCHANGE IS A Certified Minority Owned Business

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our Technology Sets us Apart

At PChange, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies to enhance security and efficiency for our clients. Our offerings include state-of-the-art body-worn cameras that ensure real-time monitoring and accountability for security personnel in the field. Electronic activity reporting systems streamline data collection and reporting processes, enabling quick and accurate documentation of incidents. Our CCVT monitoring solutions offer round-the-clock surveillance to deter threats and provide a watchful eye over your premises. Additionally, our GPS tracking technology allows you to monitor and track assets, vehicles, and personnel in real-time, ensuring optimal safety and security at all times. With PchangeSolutions, you can trust in our advanced technologies to elevate your security measures and protect what matters most to you.

Services with which we can support you.


Fire watch services monitors buildings or area at risk of fire. This could be during an emergency, at a public event, when hot work is being carried out, or when an alarm system has failed.

Our concierge service focuses on client safety, our security officers meticulously observe and document traffic in and out of buildings.  They are trained to deal with complaints, provide emergency assistance and handle a range of related security functions..


PChange Protective Services vehicle patrols provide this visibility according to the client’s schedule, or randomly to eliminate predictable patterns. 

The goal of our full-service protection is to prevent incidents from endangering your guests, residents, personnel and property.  Frequent visits during the day and night can be a deterrent to thieves and vandals.

On-Site Security Guards

PChange  Security Guard operations are dedicated to your unique and specific security needs. Our professional Security Officers provide a variety of services and are always available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Security Guards go through a rigid selection and hiring process that includes a detailed interview process, testing,  background screening & training, and a 90-day probationary period. Our selection process ensures our officers are highly motivated, dependable and have a strong sense of integrity. We recruit individuals with previous police, military, security, customer service and communication skills.

Special Police Officers

Our armed Special Police Officers as well as our Unarmed Special Police Officers are provided training by current and retired law enforcement certified trainers.  

PChange Special Police Officers are not only trained in the physical aspects of security, they are also trained to patrol your property with a community policing mindset.


Our Special K-9 unit is able to detect illegal substances, bomb-making material, concealed weapons, smuggled and other contraband, as well as cadavers. Special K-9 Police Officers are specially trained to handled to effectively guard and patrol properties and keep the community safe. 

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PChange Protective Services is hiring licensed armed and unarmed Security Officers, Special Police and Security Guards in Maryland and Washington DC. Call (800) 679-1216 to schedule an interview or click the learn more button.

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